Democracy is the art of thinking

independently together

– Alexander Meiklejohn

We are a diverse group of individuals who share a core set of values. We want to create an ambitious, open environment to strengthen the Marlow community. We want to listen and represent. A vote for your independent candidates is a vote for your community.

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We believe in a town council for Marlow that


We want to build a resilient, inclusive and sustainable community for everyone and listen to what you want for our town. We want to instinctively say “yes, how can we help you?”.


We want to support local businesses and empower community groups to thrive. We want to ensure everyone in Marlow has access to countryside and transport, regardless of their ability.


We will seek your ideas and will share how we work and what we do in a transparent way. We will not simply act as representatives: we want to open the council doors to all for everyone to participate.

Be part of the change

We think Marlow needs councillors who support and represent the community to the council. We don’t have a manifesto, instead we have a set of values and principles that ensure we will listen to people’s needs and always put them first. If you share these values please join us.